Group Mat Pilates Classes

Enjoy the benefits of improved strength, flexibility, posture, prevention of injury, full body toning & stress relief

Why BodyMana Pilates Mat?

Anyone from the complete beginner

Bodymana Pilates studio offers Pilates Group Mat Classes that can help and benefit anyone from the complete beginner, to the seasoned athlete. Stand taller, improve strength and flexibility, and rehab injuries through correct and prescribed exercise. Gain lean and long muscles while having fun and meeting a genuinely lovely bunch of new people.

For All Ages

Pilates is suitable for all students of all ages. Pilates can help students’ who are pre and post natal, those with injuries and those with osteoporosis and arthritis will also benefit greatly from this type of exercise. Treat and heal sciatica, scoliosis and many types of back pain with regular Pilates classes. You will become fitter and be able to improve your quality of life.


Men, women and teenagers are welcome at BodyMana classes. Come along and join the dynamic & fluid 45 minute group session with experienced and qualified Pilates Instructor Sarah Holloway, who will you through a range of mobility and strengthening exercises and explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind all exercises.

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Terms & Conditions

Payments for classes need to be in advance, or cash on the day, No refunds or transfers, Booked sessions require 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, Cancellations within 24 hours come off pre-paid pack, One pack per person, Pack can go on “hold” for up to 2 extra weeks when you go on holiday – this requires notification.

Payment is by internet deposit to book your spot. Your payment holds your place

ASB, BodyMana Pilates & Yoga Limited Account: 12-3142-0401049-00

What you need to know when coming to BodyMana Pilates

How to Book

There are two ways to book into a BodyMana class, this is done via email:

Regular Booking:
You are booked into the same class every week. Your spot is saved for you, and requires 24 hours’ notice on cancellations or session comes off your pre-paid pack. You can let me know if you cannot make it on a particular week with more than 24 hours notice. Your pack can go on hold for when you are away on holiday for up to 2 weeks – please advise Sarah via email

Casual Booking:
Text me on the day of the class you want to come to, and I will let you know if there is a space available or not 022 315 2309. Casual classes are $20 paid on the day.

Class Rules

  • Respectful and non-judgemental of all participants
  • Please arrive on time or 5 minutes early, please do not be late when possible
  • If you cannot make it to your class, please let me know ASAP, so someone else can have your spot
  • Feel free to ask any questions that pop into your head
  • Use the bathroom at any time, there are changing rooms and toilets at all venues
  • Please bring an open mind and be ready to try a couple of new things
  • Let me know before the class if you have any injuries/issues you think I would need to know

What to wear and bring

  • Wear comfortable clothing that is loose and allows movement
  • Water bottle
  • Socks
  • Please bring your own mat and/or towel

Before Class

  • Make sure you are hydrated and have had at least 1 glass of water
  • Do not eat for at least 2 hours (full meal) or 1 hour (snack) before the class as this may inhibit movement and make you feel sluggish during the class

During Class

  • It is important that you stop if you feel dizzy or lightheaded
  • If your back hurts or feels “wrong” please let me know and I will show you an alternative
  • Listen to your body and push yourself within your safe limits at all times

After Class

  • Make sure you stay hydrated after the class
  • If you have a sore back after the class, it is important you let me know and we can decide how to proceed