About BodyMana Pilates Studio

Sarah Holloway

 BodyMana Owner / Senior Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist

Sarah opened BodyMana Pilates Studio in April 2017 with 15 years of International teaching experience. She has lived, worked & trained in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA throughout her career, and has taught over 15,000 sessions.

Sarah is passionate about helping clients reach their goals to move and be pain free, and also her work on healing women’s endorcrine system – which allows for better sleep, more energy and natural weight loss.

Sarah is a 34-year-old Lower Hutt resident who is lucky enough to have the best job in the world! Sarah has one son, Luke, born April 2013.

Bernadette Daly

Senior Pilates Instructor

Bernadette comes from a background in Dance, Speech and Drama. She
discovered Pilates while training in Commercial Dance at ‘ Wellington
Performing Arts Centre’.

Bernadette trained as a Mat and Apparatus instructor and then went on to work at Hearts and Bones where she was mentored by Master Pilates Instructor Tania Huddart.

“I think of Pilates as an insurance policy for the body, it teaches you how to
safely do the activities you enjoy today, so you can continue to do them
throughout your life”