6 Week Natural Detox

If you would like to lose weight naturally and increase your energy at the same time, the BodyMana 6 Week Detox is for you!

BodyMana 6 Week Detox

Detoxify, cleanse and balance your body in 6 weeks using natural, real foods. You will regain mental clarity and enhance your senses, strengthen your immune system and improve digestive issues such as Constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns, eczema, psoriasis, energy issues, low immunity… just to name a few.

Benefits of the BodyMana 6 Week Natural Detox Program

Fight your junk addiction

Clear out your toxins

Balance your hormones

Increase energy

Increase circulation

Improve digestion

Strengthen immune system

Lower risk of cancer

Improve concentration

Improve sleep quality

Clearer skin

Regular bowel movements

Detoxify organs

Reduce Stress

Increased sex drive!

Improve Immunity

Detoxification strengthens the body’s immune functions and promotes healthy cell division. The publication “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Detoxing Your Body,” written by Delia Quigley, notes that weaker immune functions correlate to congested toxins in the body, and that detoxing will allow the body to fight off colds and flus at a higher rate. Immunity to allergies and other sensitivities are also improved with a better balance of nutrient absorption. A poor immune system makes your body more susceptible to viruses, as well as the build-up of toxins in joints accumulate overtime; thus, detoxifying will improve muscle aches and pains.

Eliminate Toxins

When your colon is bombarded with toxins and chemicals, you begin to feel sluggish and irritable. Eliminating these wastes and built-up poisons will allow your body to properly absorb the nourishment you consume. Cleaning up your organs will increase your energy substantially, writes Quigley. Also, with the elimination of wastes, the intestines can rid themselves of the plaque-like substance known as mucoid plaque. The writers of detox.org mention this removing/detoxing process as an undeniable relief with major health benefits. Along with the elimination of wastes, detoxing can help rid the body of parasitic infections causing bad breath.


Headaches and migraines are usual indications of inflammation, mostly in the neuro-cortex region, states ZH Alternative Health Inc. The common causes of bloating and symptoms of IBS stem from a poor diet and/or built-up toxins. The cleansing process of detox will allow all of these toxins to be released and renewed. Cleansing the colon has also showed immediate weight loss effects. The toxins built up in the colon can average an extra five to twenty pounds of unnecessary wastes, declares Quigley in the chapter titled “You Are What You Eat.”

Purify and Reform

Quigley also mentions how the chemicals built in the colon can reach the bloodstream and travel throughout the body to the brain and skin. These toxins try to escape the body through the pores and sometimes get trapped and result in a poor complexion. The mental capacity and digestive system also work together and require proper nourishment through nerve cells. These toxins can also impair our moods, causing anxiety and depression; thus, a proper detox will allow clearer thinking and improve poor eating habits to healthier ones.


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